Diversity & Inclusion in Your Workplace

An inclusive workplace that represents the diversity of our community is good for business.

Diversity in the workplace means having employees from a wide range of backgrounds & capabilities.

Diversity in the workplace provides for a broad range of experiences and ways of doing things that result in an improved workplace.  With 1 in 5 Australians living with a disability, people with disability work in all industries, in many different roles, and bring a range of skills, qualifications, talents and experience to business.  Adding diversity and depth to your team by drawing on this sizable talent pool makes sound business sense in so many ways.

Inclusion in a workplace is achieved when people feel that they are:

  • Respected for who they are and able to be themselves
  • Connected to their colleagues and feel they belong
  • Contributing their perspectives and talents to the workplace; and
  • Progressing in growth in their work (i.e. have equal access to opportunities and resources).

Employing people with disability promotes a culture of diversity & inclusion.

Disability diversity contributes to overall workplace culture of inclusion.  Independent studies have shown a strong correlation between workplace inclusion of employees with disability and increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, reduced turnover, increased morale and more positive organisational culture.

People living with disabilities are integral to our workplaces just as in our communities.  

Disability is defined very broadly, to include physical, intellectual, sensory, or psychiatric disabilities; disabilities that are permanent, episodic or temporary.  As such, many organisations may not be aware of individuals already within their organisation that are living with a disability and that sometimes small changes in the workplace could make a very positive impact on both this individual and the workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion in Your Workplace 

As a leading employment agency that specialise in disability recruitment in Western Australia, we have extensive experience, proven expertise and tremendous resources to assist employers in achieving meaningful diversity, access and inclusion in their workplace with beneficial employment of people living with disabilities.

We encourage you to explore resources found in our WorkABILITY Connect program.  Through this program we have a broad range of resources and services to help make disability a part of everyday business activities so that rather than being an ‘add-on’, it becomes ‘The way things are done around here’.


Would you like to understand more but not sure where to start? If you’d like to increase your organisations understanding and confidence relating to diversity and disability, take this quick survey to help guide our efforts in supporting you.