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Eric’s Story

08 Nov 2022

Working in a hotel was not where Eric expected to find himself. After years of working as a courier driver, he was more at home behind the wheel. But in May 2021 he experienced a stroke, meaning he w...

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Raewyn Brownhill - a woman is dressed in a blue shirt with a logo that reads Yappy Days Doggy Daycare. A grey dog is sitting next to her.

Raewyn Brownhill: Finding a new direction

23 Jun 2022

Ongoing back issues kept Raewyn Brownhill out of the workforce for the best part of a decade, but our Kwinana-Rockingham team worked with her to build her experience and confidence so she was able to ...

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An Aboriginal man named Reuben Dalgety is wearing a black t-shirt with an image of Jimi Hendrix. He is smiling at the camera.

Reuben Dalgety: Fighting for independence

19 Apr 2022

After a terrible accident, Reuben Dalgety spent years fighting to prove he could make his own decisions. With support from our Geraldton office he has a new job and is even more financially independen...

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Bonnie Williams: Finding support, finding a purpose

07 Apr 2022

A better understanding of her diagnoses and a new approach to self-care has enabled Bonnie Williams to find a job she loves - supporting other people with disability. This is her story. I was born w...

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Stephanie Rocca is pictured. She is a young woman wearing business attire and she is standing in front of a sign that reads accessability - connect, belong, achieve.

Stephanie Rocca: Finding the right fit

24 Mar 2022

Stephanie Rocca completed work experience with Accessability Narrogin as part of Forrest Personnel's WorkAbility Week. That led to a paid position, which has allowed Stephanie to work towards her goa...

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Three men stand in a line outside a business. They are wearing polo with Prime Supplies Written on them. Forrest Personnel participant Jacob Light-Burgess is standing in the middle and smiling.

Jacob Light-Burgess: Beyond the 9 to 5

17 Feb 2022

A 9 to 5 desk job was never going to work for Jacob Light-Burgess. “I hate sitting inside,” he says. “I love being outside and going on adventures. I love my fishing – I could sit on a beach...

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Two women sit together at a cafe table. Jo Butler is on the right.

Jo Butler: Achieving independence

13 Jan 2022

Jo Butler is a familiar face in her community - you will find her working at the local supermarket and charity shop. Not that long ago, our Manjimup team worked with her to turn her volunteer exper...

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Image of a young man called Jackson Andrew is standing and learning against an orange car.

Jackson Andrew: Redirecting a life-long passion

17 Dec 2021

A painful condition meant Jackson Andrew had to quit the field he loved, but our Narrogin team worked to find him a new role that made the most of his passion for mechanics. This is his story. I have...

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An image of Kristen Northcott. She is wearing glasses, a top with a red and white pattern and a silver dragonfly necklace.

Kristen Northcott: Navigating life’s challenges

02 Dec 2021

Life has thrown many challenges at Kristen Northcott, and she's faced them head on. Our team in Bunbury has been privileged enough to work with her, and we are so pleased we were able help her step in...

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Image of the Narrogin Veterinary Services team. Three people , one man and a woman are standing together and smiling. One woman is holding a cat.

Narrogin Veterinary Services: Finding the stand-out employee

25 Nov 2021

When the Narrogin Veterinary Services team advertised a traineeship position, they had a clear idea of the kind of person they needed. They needed someone who was reliable, responsible and who had a ...

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Close up picture of Ben Aldridge, a man who is wearing a black hat and is smiling.

Ben Aldridge: Finding a new perspective on disability

17 Nov 2021

After breaking his back in a fall, Ben Aldridge was forced to rethink his own ideas around disability. After spending some years working at Forrest Personnel, he has started up his own business. This ...

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Close up of Brandon, a young man who is wearing a high-visibility work shirt

Brandon: Building a better future

03 Nov 2021

Brandon became a client of our West Leederville team after a series of events left him sleeping rough as a 17 year old. Our team helped him find work experience with a construction company and the ver...

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Two women standing among plants at the Leschenault Community Nursery

Leschenault Community Nursery: Adding value to a growing business

04 Oct 2021

When asked about her newest recruits, Jacquie Rusha, Manager of the Leschenault Community Nursery, can’t say enough. “We have a group of people who are enthusiastic and happy to be in a workplace...

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Two men standing out side the Narrogin Auto Centre

Narrogin Auto Centre – A Forrest Personnel Case Study

10 Sep 2021

Choosing the right person for the right job is paramount to Stephen Webb, General Manager of Narrogin Auto Centre. He wants his salespeople to be personable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Jackson A...

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Smiling young man named Justin Gemmill is crouched in front of supermarket shelves

Justin Gemmill: Getting things done, never giving up

26 Jul 2021

Justin Gemmill is putting things right. He’s organising things. He’s getting things done. With support from his Forrest Personnel Employment Consultant, Donna Bastow, his family and his communit...

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Two people are sitting at a table. Daniel has his hands under his chin. Shelby has her hands on a purple folder

Shelby Burns: Staying engaged in work despite her serious injury

17 Jun 2021

How does a person with a seemingly debilitating injury manage to turn it into a positive? Unfortunately, we have a colleague in that position, and we were keen to understand what might motivate a per...

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Chris Young is sitting down, smiling and looking at the camera. There is a green wall and a plant in the background

How perseverance paid dividends for former tradie Chris Young

25 May 2021

This is a story about how one man’s perseverance and flexibility helped him stay employed when life threw him curveballs at a rapid rate. Meeting Chris Chris Young has led a varied and physicall...

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Cameron Black is standing in front of a shelving unit with games at Beyond Games and Hobby

Cameron Black: How getting reconnected helped land him a job

13 May 2021

Cameron Black is the hero of our story and he’s a creative soul. He’s a storyteller, a writer, a board game player, a blogger, and a piano player. We would be remiss if we didn’t tell you that h...

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Tina Westrup is standing with her back against a slatted wall. She is wearing a black jacket and glasses and is looking at the camera

“We can be impactful because we have lived experience” – Tina Westrup

20 Apr 2021

By many measures, the City of Bunbury is a big place. It employs about 320 people and according to the City’s annual budget 2020-21, operating costs are stated as being just shy of $66 million. I...

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Jess Knight is sitting at a desk with a computer monitor in front of her. She is smiling for the camera

Jess Knight: Getting to know a young woman with star quality

08 Apr 2021

If you’re living in Western Australia, you might look at the photo at the top of this page and recognise this smiling young woman as someone who’s graced your television screen. Please meet Jes...

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Pat Majewski is looking at the camera. There is a green field behind him with trees further away

“Ninety percent of the time I find a way” – Pat Majewski

23 Mar 2021

It’s hard to imagine a young person making more of an impression on us than Pat Majewski. He’s a 17-year-old student in year 12 at Australind Senior High School who’s just completed his secon...

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Ryan is standing with Karen at the front counter of Australind Landscaping Supplies. Ryan is holding the phone to his ear. Karen is looking at him

How hospitality benefits business at Australind Landscaping Supplies

09 Mar 2021

Australind Landscaping Supplies deals in mumby majic, soil conditioner, lupin mulch, bounce back and plenty of other products (in quantities big and small) and services to keep your landscaping effort...

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Mitch is wearing a yellow fluro shirt. He is standing with his hands on a trolley and is looking at the camera

“I like helping customers with their shopping” – Mitch tells us about working at the Bunbury Farmers Market

22 Feb 2021

A number of months ago at a local quiz night, the proverbial question was asked about Bunbury’s most popular tourist attraction. Opinion was divided, but those at the table who answered “Bunbury F...

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Deb Franks: A person who knows what it’s like to be on the other side

08 Feb 2021

One day, Deb Franks was walking out the front door of our Bunbury office, and someone said as they motioned toward Deb: “Now, that’s someone who has a great tale to tell.” What’s there to say?...

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Cameron Payne is sitting on a piece of heavy machinery on display at the City of Bunbury

Cameron Payne: How our intuitive choice paid dividends

11 Jan 2021

Once upon a time, Cameron Payne worked at Coles. Word around town is that if customers spotted Cameron working a till, they would high tail themselves and their trolleys so they could be served by him...

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Lorelei Giorgi is standing with her back to a colourful wall mural featuring a young person wearing a red T-shirt and yellow cap

Lorelei Giorgi and the ultimate guide to being prepared

09 Dec 2020

Lorelei Giorgi is a job seeker and we’ve been journeying alongside her for several months to see how she’s travelling. After a few encounters that include a WorkABILITY Day stint with the Shire...

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Jacqui stands facing the camera with her back to a wall of shelves with glass jars

Jacqui’s journey: Rewarding experiences and insightful advice

23 Nov 2020

We commissioned this striking portrait of our colleague, Jacqui Keeling, back in September, but we patiently held onto it in anticipation of the right moment to make it public. A new challenge T...

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Nigel Tremain is sitting on a sofa and has his right arm extended along the back of the sofa

LEADing the Way with Nigel Tremain and Alicia Roche

16 Nov 2020

Alicia Roche, Team Leader of our Geraldton office, has been involved in the LEAD (Leadership, Exploration and Development) program offered by non-profit Ngala. What's LEADing the Way? As part of...

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Jake rests his hands on either side of a riffle splitter

Finding the job for Jake: A story of employment renewal

09 Nov 2020

This is a story about Jake. It’s a story of perseverance, patience and ultimate renewal. Although it’s absolutely his story, it’s instructional in that it reminds us that we can get to a better ...

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Bruce is sitting on a chair and his dog Indi is standing beside him

Bruce’s Business: There’s room for everyone including Indi

26 Oct 2020

Walking into the office of Cleanway Xtra, one is met with a warm and friendly smile, but also with boundless energy and near-reckless enthusiasm. These latter qualities are ascribed to dog Indi, by th...

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Doug Wilson is sitting at his desk in his office and is looking at the camera. He has glasses and a beard and is wearing a blue jacket

Doug Wilson: Eleven years on the job and still going strong

12 Oct 2020

As we write this joyful tale, the hero of our story – Employment Consultant Doug Wilson – has just celebrated his eleventh anniversary on the job! Not only has he been around a long time, he’s a...

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Chenayah is sitting on a bench with her cocker spaniel Jordie at her feet

Chenayah, Jordie and a pet sitting service on the rise

22 Sep 2020

Many of us have heard about the fortunate few who are able to transform their passion into a way of earning an income. Thanks to Forrest Personnel Employment Consultant, Shelby, we've had the good ...

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Liza is sitting on a park bench in a garden

Liza Kirby: A journey from childcare, through illness and beyond

09 Sep 2020

A few years ago, a comment popped up in our Facebook reviews about a Forrest Personnel staff member. Participant Chris Wales wrote: “I would like to thank Liza Kirby (Bunbury) for her outstanding pr...

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Sandra is standing with trolleys and smiling

Sandra: Doing a good job while on the job

13 Aug 2020

We recently heard a terrific story (more on this later) about Sandra and her good deed while working as a trolley collector in Albany. We’re always keen to learn more about people who do a good j...

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Michelle is standing and holding a plastic bag of mineral sands

Michelle: A curious and loyal employee who is going the distance

29 Jul 2020

Michelle has been an employee of Tronox (and its former corporate guises) for the past 19 years, and in a job that was originally brokered by Forrest Personnel. Nineteen years is an incredibly long ti...

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James is standing in front of a compact loader

Meet James and find out why it pays off to have many interests

29 Jun 2020

James is a young man who likes big things. If truth be told, he likes small things too, but more about that later. The crux of James is that he enjoys both big and small, and much in between. The b...

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A blue background with cleaning supplies and the yellow words: Cleaning makes me happy, Shae Murray (who also loves her dogs, her music and her succulents)

Meet Shae and discover her many passions

15 Jun 2020

We’d love you to meet Shae. She’s camera shy. So, we’re asking you to imagine a young woman with a radiant smile, funky glasses, and loads of energy and enthusiasm. This is a young woman who ...

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Daniel is sitting in a library and is reaching his arms and hands out in front of him

Daniel: Right back at it

03 Jun 2020

After about eight weeks of mandatory leave due to Covid-19, Daniel is back at his job at the City of Bunbury Library. Getting back to work When asked how he felt to be back, he said: “it felt ...

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A person in a fluro top is standing behind a row of trolleys

Ryan and the Farmers Market: Diversity and inclusion in action

22 Nov 2019

The Bunbury Farmers Market is a great place to find an abundance of diverse and fresh food while also supporting local farmers. The Market is also an employer that embraces and promotes diversity and ...

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Got Barriers? No Worries! Employer finds “hidden gold” with capabilities of locals providing for diverse & inclusive workplace

29 May 2019

When 5 local job seekers with chronic health conditions and mobility barriers applied for jobs at the Collie Hills Accommodation Village, manager Ann Wheeldon didn’t see disability, she saw opportun...

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Annette of Corporate First Aid Trainer and Forrest Personnel job seekers on the last day of their classroom training for this certificate

Bunbury job seekers progressing towards their Certificate III for Individual Support Disability Support Worker

07 May 2019

Forrest Personnel commends our 13 job seekers for their dedication and hard work over the past 3 ½ months who recently completed the classroom requirements of the Certificate III for Individual Su...

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Picture of four people

Tenille’s Work ABILITY Leads to Employment

12 Apr 2019

A well-known Bridgetown volunteer and community member who lives with Down Syndrome, has accepted an offer of employment with the Bridgetown Community Resource Centre resulting from an opportunity pro...

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Two people standing side by side

Celebrating over 10 Years of Continuous Employment

04 Apr 2019

Analytical Thinking, Innovation and Great Work as a Long-term Valued Employee Shortly after finishing high school in 2006 Jake Waldin came to Forrest Personnel to see what assistance we might be able...

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Man standing with trolley

Ben – Celebrating 10+ Years as a Valued Team Member at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School

03 Apr 2019

After moving to WA from Tasmania 23 years ago, Ben Guy and his parents came to Forrest Personnel seeking help in getting work for Ben. At 17 years old, Ben who is living with autism, wanted a job whe...

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Two men standing next to one another

Daniel Wood – Celebrating 21 years of Employment in a Job that he Loves!

02 Apr 2019

When Daniel Wood first came to Forrest Personnel, he was working in a job he didn’t like and hoped we could help find something more suitable for him. He says he “commenced with Forrest Personnel...

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Twp people

She Stood in the Hot Sun

25 Jan 2019

For Peter Raseta, finding a job through Forrest Personnel made a huge impact financially, but it was the ‘insignificant’ moments that created lasting memories. Peter is a family man living with a...

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Image of Kerasee in her work uniform

Kesaree changes careers

10 Oct 2018

Kesaree charts a new career path In 2017 49-year-old Thai born Kesaree launched her new career as a carer for people with dementia. Kesaree came to Australia in 2003. Since then she’s worked on far...

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Two men sitting in an office

Cameron gets a taste for surveying during WorkABILITY Day

29 Aug 2018

Cameron Atthowe is a qualified boilermaker/welder but a severe shoulder injury several years ago means that for a long term quality of life a new direction in his career is necessary. Despite havin...

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Three ladies at Bunbury Visitors Centre

WorkABILITY Day builds strong relationships

29 Aug 2018

The City of Bunbury has been building strong relationships with Forrest Personnel over the past 12 months and was happy to be part of WorkABILITY Day in 2018. The Bunbury Visitor Centre, located in...

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Chris using a computer

Chris gains practical experience during WorkABILITY Day

29 Aug 2018

Christopher Wheatley is a fully qualified bricklayer who is a paraplegic as the result of a motor accident and is unable to continue with his trade. Since his accident, Chris has studied Office Adm...

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Emma’s WorkABILITY Day experience

29 Aug 2018

The first thing you notice about Emma is her amazing smile, which lights up her face, and her friendliness. Getting work experience at Red Dot was certainly making her smile during WorkABILITY Day,...

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Daniel Shepherd and John Ottaway

Valuable Workplace Experience

05 Aug 2018

Meet Daniel Shepherd and John Ottaway who are proud to be involved with the design and planting of the Colin Whitton Memorial garden at the Worsley Refinery. Daniel and John are part of the Forrest...

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Doug Wilson and Jesse Sniegowski

Alumina Clean Up Crew

11 Jul 2018

Well done to James Humphreys, Jesse Sniegowski and supervisor Doug Wilson, from Forrest Personnel who go above and beyond to clean up under the conveyers in Area 4/5. The crew of employees from Fo...

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Lady using an all-wheel drive wheelchair

Accessibility is no obstacle for Jen

05 Jul 2018

For Simon Dent, former Superintendent Production – Materials, the challenges around securing the right person for the job was the perfect chance for him to show South32 can walk the talk on Diversit...

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Display of completed scanning work

Value Added Service

12 Jun 2018

Tracey Woodbridge is providing a valuable scanning service at Worsley that will benefit the refinery for many years to come.  She is tasked with creating a readable PDF version of their hard copy ...

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Picture of Kristy standing in front of the JSW building

Kirsty achieves her childcare dream

18 May 2018

When twenty-seven-year-old Kirsty joined Forrest Personnel she knew exactly what she wanted to do. She just didn’t know where to begin. A year later, Kirsty is about to qualify for her dream job in...

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Nic watering the gardens at Worsley South32

Nic finds his niche

03 May 2018

In July Nicholas (Nic) from Australind will celebrate a year of doing work he loves at mining giant Worsley’s Alumina South 32 refinery. Now aged nineteen, Nic was diagnosed with autism as a pre-...

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Mitchell Walsh, Shannon Weston and Forrest Personnel Supervisor, Michael English under the bauxite grinding mills

Inclusion at Worsley

17 Apr 2018

South32 is working closely with Forrest Personnel to enhance their inclusive workplace vision with a total of 10 contractors now employed at their Worsley Refinery. One of these Forrest Personnel tea...

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Jessie Butcher – Hungry Jacks

16 Jan 2018

Jessie works in the food preparation section at Hungry Jacks in Busselton. Jessie’s job involves preparing food, pouring drinks, and cleaning. A three week ‘work trial’ organised by Forrest Pers...

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Michele Gets a Lift Up

16 Jan 2018

The installation of a chair lift at a Call Centre in Manjimup has improved the working life of employee Michele Steele. Michele and the Centre’s Senior Manager Maria Vellios approached Forrest Perso...

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Maddie is a Young Mum, Suffering with Depression and Enjoying a Successful Career

04 Feb 2017

https://player.vimeo.com/video/215300177   Maddie talks about the support she has received from Forrest Personnel in finding employment as a Receptionist at the Lighthouse Beach Resort ...

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